Here We Grow Again!

SoilTech Acquires New Drill Rig

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Great things continue to happen at SoilTech Consultants, Inc. The acquisition of a new drill rig truck has increased
our inventory of drill trucks by 100 percent. We added a fleet of three trailers to carry equipment and supplies,
and we’ve acquired two Geoprobes that will allow us to increase the productivity of our drill crews.

The second drill in our fleet, our BK 51HD, has an SPT Autohammer for improved accuracy, and a variety of
aftermarket equipment to improve efficiency.  When site access is not a concern, the BK 51HD can be the
most cost-efficient option for drilling projects. The BK 51HD also has enough power to complete a wide variety
of functions, including well installation, soil sampling, and rock coring.

“Anywhere, Any place, Anytime,” is the motto of every drill crew at SoilTech. With our variety of drilling rigs, we
can get to places that most people can't even reach by foot.
SoilTech also has some of the most knowledgeable
drillers and field technicians in the industry. Whether it is geotechnical drilling, environmental drilling, or other field
services, you can rest assured with the new equipment we have obtained, we are able to handle any project that
comes our way.

Since 2002, SoilTech has performed a variety of general field services for our clients.  We perform our field services
in compliance with

With the addition of the new truck and trailers, and the fact we travel out of state (Alabama, Louisiana, Texas,
Arkansas, and Tennessee) for drilling projects, we are subject to United States Department of Transportation (USDOT)
regulations. This requires
SoilTech to keep detailed records of when and where the trucks go, and how long our
drivers are working and driving.

On November 20, 2014, SoilTech passed its first USDOT Safety Audit. Don Smith and Laurie McCarthy are charged
with maintaining the equipment and keeping the paperwork in order, but it takes the whole team at SoilTech to
make sure the job gets done for the client.


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ST News 3 NOW 

Recently, WLBT reporter Brandon Artilles spent a few hours at SoilTech’s main office in Ridgeland (Miss.),
producing a segment for WLBT’s popular “Business Matters” feature that airs during the Tuesday 6 p.m.
news on the Jackson TV station. He interviewed SoilTech President Michael Volk and several others and
shot video of SoilTech employees processing samples in the lab.

The feature aired on March 4 and can be seen here:

SoilTech, a subsidiary of Neel-Schaffer, Inc., opened in 2002 and now has four offices in Mississippi. The
newest office opened in December in West Point, where SoilTech is working on the Yokohama Tire Company
tire plant that is under construction.

SoilTech has 20 full-time employees and 11 part-time employees.